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Course Map

& Logistics

Course Map

The 4.25-mile Paddlefest route is planned to start at Savages Ditch Road and end at Tower Road Bayside.

This map shows the path we expect to take, however due to weather and tides, we may have to make some last minute changes to the course. Check your email the night before Paddlefest for up-to-the-minute changes!

If you want to open this map on your GoogleMaps app, click here.

The Nitty-Gritty Details:

The logistics of Paddlefest can get a little confusing, so we've created this nifty flow chart to make it easy for you!

Complete Your Registration

Once you have your tickets, you'll be added to the 2023 Paddlefest email list. You will receive an email about a week prior to Paddlefest with important reminders and information.


Your adventure begins at Savages Ditch Rd​. 

  • If you brought your own kayak: Unload your kayak in the designated area, park your car at Tower Road Oceanside, shuttle back to Savages Ditch, check in under the picnic pavilion, and get ready to launch.

  • If you have rented a kayak from Coastal Kayak or Quest Adventures, park your car at Tower Road Oceanside, shuttle to Savages Ditch, receive your kayak from a rental representative, check in under the picnic pavilion, and prepare for launch.

Paddle the Course

Enjoy a leisurely pace, or challenge yourself and get your heart rate up, it's your day!

Along the way, several park staff will be stationed on marsh islands to interpret the landscapes of the park.  There will also be several safety staff scattered along the course if you need any assistance.

The Finish Line (s)

The Paddlefest finish line will be located at Tower Road Bayside this year. Park staff and fellow paddlers will be there to cheer you on!  Once you've regained your land legs, hop on a state parks shuttle bus to return to you car.  You may also choose to leave a second car at Tower Rd Bayside.  Once you get back to your car, you'll want to drive back to the finish line to pick up your kayak.

Time to Celebrate !

Once you've retrieved your kayak, it's time to celebrate!  Head on over to Tower Rd Oceanside, for food trucks, live music, beer, vendors, exhibitors, and tons of fun!  Please also invite all your non-paddling friends as the party is open to ALL!  Check out the after-party details here.

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